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Maid in Heaven

Ship Date: 2006-01-27 Street Date: 2006-02-02 UPC:6-89076-38623-4
Studio: Adult Source Media SKU: MIH-001 Running Time: 60 mins + 30 mins

He has fantasized about having his own personal maid for what seemed like a lifetime. But he lives in a single room apartment in the big city. His meager means provide him no chances in life. So his dream ends as a fantasy. But, you never know what will happen in life.

One day, a voluptuous maid appeared in front of him. She was his childhood friend and she was looking hotter than ever. Years ago, he told her of how he fantasized about the companionship of a maid and she believed his words. Now she would come back as a gorgeous maid and reveal to him her lifelong lust for him. Accepting her wishes to become his, he would begin his dream life. How his days and nights are wilder than he could have ever imagined. He had no idea what a dirty girl she had become.

DVD Features
- Region 1 Coding
- Uncensored - No Mosaic
- Original Japanese Dialogue
- English Dialogue
- English and French Subtitles
- Photo Gallery / Trailers
- 30 minute bonus feature

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